Click on and VOTE in any of the above category boxes - come back to vote on the others.  Environmental policy and solutions is about, well, environmental policy and solution. Minnesota candidates for Governor, US Senate and Congress is about major MN 2018 elections - soon we will provide links to candidates environmental records or websites. Vote Best of BluGreen is about business development and jobs (Blu) and environmental innovations and solution (green economy).  And the Pop Quiz is for fun and testing your knowledge of science and environmental facts.


The Minnesota "Election Day" for the Environment

EdayVoteMN is called the Minnesota "Election Day" for the Environment because online voting culminates and ends on the one nationally recognized day for the environment,or any issue - Earth Day. AND because, while 70% of Americans support an environmental agenda, only a small percentage vote BluGreen (jobs, environment, green economy) as a top issue. We need to engage more people so they will see and learn about environmental progress as a solution in their daily lives and give everyone an accessible way to show their individual and cooperative voice.

Vote for The Environment and science

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Why should we wait for elections, political parties or public officials to decide our most pressing needs and solutions? We have the power to publicly choose, direct, demand and invest to make our future happen. This is a public PEOPLE'S VOTE not a survey, so...

Vote March 21 thru 2018 Earth Day, April 22

The March for Science last year inspired us! We need everyone, particularly college, high school and even younger students, to get properly “scienced” — AND show they know their science when it comes to critical decisions and solutions for the environment.

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