We have the numbers. Picture using them ALL, toward ONE day – The Minnesota Election Day for the Environment

Earth Day 2017 • April 22


1. Vote for Science &
the Environment!

Why should we wait for elections, political parties or public officials to decide our most pressing needs and solutions? We have the power to publicly choose, direct, demand and invest to make our future happen. This is a public VOTE not a survey, so...

Vote now through 8 p.m. CST on Earth Day, April 22, 2017.

2. want to "science Up"? Take the Planet Pop Quiz!

The March for Science has inspired us! We need everyone, particularly college, high school and even younger students, to get properly "scienced" — AND show they know their science when it comes to critical decisions and solutions for the environment.

Take the Quiz!


3. Go to one of Minnesota’s March for science Events on Earth Day

We applaud and are thrilled to promote the March for Science at a critical moment in history — Earth Day 2017 — to demonstrate that science is real, that it matters, and that we need scientists to help invent our way out of our environmental challenges. March Minnesota  Satellite Marches



4. Go Mobile and Vote while marching for The Environment and Science

While traveling to your March for Science event, waiting for the march to begin, while actually marching OR watching the march at home, go mobile and vote for the environment and science.